Marlon Sanders WP Dashboard Review And Bonus

wordpress dashboardFinally, Marlon Sanders came out with his new dashboard. I knew it was coming, and was really impatient to get my hands on it.

Was it worth the wait? Of course. Marlon’s dashboards always are. But this one especially. And it’s so topical too…

First of all, why am I writing about Marlon Sanders WordPress Dashboard on my Traffic Blog? Because WordPress blogs are the SECRET to getting more traffic. Not just any old blogs, mind you, but a blog that is put together correctly, has the right information on it, and… gets promoted properly so it will get the right visitors, and lots of them.

And the WP Dashboard helps you do all that. In fact, the full official name is WP Leads and Sales Dashboard or something like that. Which means, the purpose behind it is to get leads and sales!

So what is the dashboard?

First of all, like all of Marlon’s dashboards, it has 36 sections, marked by icons, each of which opens into a lesson. There are 6 rows of 6 sections, and the idea is that you complete one a day.

Well, if you’ve got that kind of patience, you’ve gotta be a saint.

The fact is that many (though not all) of these sections can be completed in about half an hour (or in some cases less). If you have some or quite a bit of experience with WordPress, you can zip through a lot of the first dozen or more of these lessons, just picking out any goodies you might not have been aware of.

Which means, you get to the good stuff so much faster.

And if you’re a newbie, you’ll appreciate being able to taking it one step at a time, while having your hand held. In fact, somewhere else I said that Marlon’s dashboard are great tools for taking the stress out of internet marketing because it basically makes you focus on one thing at a time.

And focusing on one thing at a time, and finishing it, lies at the heart of stress relief.

But that’s not all. If you already have a blog, you may wonder if you need this.

Let me ask you a question:

Are you making all the money you want with it? Are you getting all the leads that will help you make the money?

If the answer is no, you need this:

CLICK HERE for Marlon Sanders WordPress Dashboard

And you may want to get it soon, because right now, there are tons of amazing bonuses available. Many from Marlon’s friends, and I’ll throw in a few as well. I’ll list them below a bit later.

But in a nutshell, they include coaching, and some great social media how-to guides for business.

Simply get Marlon’s dashboard through the following link:

CLICK HERE for Marlon Sanders WordPress Dashboard

Then forward the receipt here:

Forward Your Receipt To THIS Email Address

Be sure to include “Dashboard Bonus” in the subject line.

And then look for my response email!

More soon… You can also find more here:

CLICK HERE for More Info On Marlon Sanders WordPress Dashboard

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Viral Targeted Traffic – The Easy Way

Yowza! I’ve discovered an ultra COOL targeted viral traffic getting system – and the best thing is that it’s free! Or at least you can get started free – but once you see how well it works, you might want to scale it up a bit (which I did!).

Here’s a Video that will take you to more info once it’s done:

Check it out and see what you think!

I love it! It’s totally low-tech, and super easy to start getting your viral ads.

And you can earn credits as well as commissions as part of the deal.

Why is it viral? Because the others on the site will do the same thing – See that peel-off thingie over in the right-hand corner? Depending on how you found this site, you may or may not see it. It only appears if you got here through my link…

I don’t even want to get started explaining how it works – just go to the site where the video will take you after it’s done and see for yourself.

Viral traffic is cool because it builds up all by itself. You start sending some of this stuff out there, and others will pass it on, and the next thing you know you have tons of new viral traffic coming to your sites (and offers).

Does it work with affiliate offers? Sure does! And it even cloaks them for you.

Personally, I’m sending this traffic to a bunch of places – opt-in pages, affiliate offers, and my various blogs and products. It’s way cool.

One of the things I like especially is that I know the person who has put it together – he’s one of my favorite internet marketers – Kevin Riley! I met him in person too, and interviewed him as well. Plus I have a bunch of his products – he always overdelivers and is a really cool guy too.

So being able to run my ads through Kevin’s Viral Ads system is great!

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Traffic and Conversion – You Need Both

Traffic is essential. But what if you get traffic and there’s nothing for the traffic to do? Or if what the traffic finds is not something that inspires them to buy or sign up? You really need more than just traffic. You need Traffic AND Conversion.

Traffic and Conversion – The Meaning of Conversion

So let’s talk about what conversion is all about. It means that the visitors who arrive on your website do what you were hoping they would do. Exactly what that is depends on your purpose.

Maybe you have a squeeze page, and for you converson means that they will sign up for your newsletter or request your special gift. That’s conversion.

On the other hand, maybe you have something for sale. In that case, you’re looking for someone to purchase what you have for sale. And every visitor who buys counts as a conversion.


The Key to Traffic and Conversion

Now that we have determined what we mean by conversion, we’re going to look at what it takes to achieve it. And here’s the number one thing you will need to make it happen:

A Great Offer

The most important thing you need is a great offer! And this is true whether you’re looking for opt-ins or for buyers. If the offer is weak or non-existent, you won’t get conversions, no matter what you do.

In either event, you want to offer something that your target audience really wants and is willing to give you want you ask in return.

If it’s an opt-in gift, better make it good, and clearly indicate in your sales copy that it will solve a problem your visitor has.

If it’s a product for sale, the bar is much higher. It needs to provide enough value that it exceeds the asked-for price significantly. It also needs to provide exactly the value that your visitor wants.

If you’d like to know more about how to create such a product, you may want to check out Marlon Sanders Info Product Dashboard.

Another Key To Conversion: Great Copy!

A great product is essential, but it’s not enough. You also need to let your visitors know very clearly and quickly that your product rocks and that they need it. If you don’t succeed with that, they’ll move on.

So you need great copy. How can you get that? You can try to write it yourself, maybe based on some copywriting books you might have bought, or by following the lead of some examples that you found persuasive.

Or you can hire a copywriter. If that’s something you’re interested in, visit my web copywriting site. Or my copywriting special offer.

Traffic And Conversion: The Key To Success

Of course, traffic AND conversion are essential. You can have the most fantastic offer and the world’s best sales copy, but if no one sees it, you’re not going to sell much if anything at all.

And if you get lots of traffic but your offer and/or your copy stinks, you won’t be able to convert any of it into sales. So you need both.

There’s something else to keep in mind…

The economy is still a challenge, and even in good times people usually need to see an offer several times before they buy – yes, even IF they want the product (or service). What this means is that now more than ever, you should aim for a two-step process, or rather a 3-step process:

Step 1: Capture The Lead

You can do that by offering your visitor an “ethical bribe” in order to get them to opt in to your mailing list.

Step 2: Follow Up & Build A Relationship

Once you have the visitor’s information, you can follow up and provide value and convince them that you’re the expert you said you were and that they want what you have to offer.

Step 3: Make The Sale

Finally, in Step 3, you make the sale. Your chances of making that sale are much higher if you go through that 3-step process than if you were trying to make it when the visitor first lands on your page. If you tried that, the visitor would probably leave, never to return, and you’d have lost your chance forever.


So Traffic and Conversion are a complex process and have to be viewed in tandem. Get traffic, using the techniques you’ll read about on this blog, and/or by getting Marlon’s traffic dashboard OR Kim’s traffic dashboard, or both, and use the techniques you learn inside.

And make sure you have a product that will fill a need – and the copy that convinces your visitors that they MUST have it. That’s what Traffic And Conversion are all about, and if you keep these things in mind and follow them, you’ll get both.


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Digi Traffic Accelerator BONUS

Get it before it’s gone! What?

The Digi Traffic Accelerator Bonus!

Andy Fletcher, the creator of the Digi Traffic Accelerator, said that he’d only sell 3,000 – and most of them are already gone.

But if they’re still available, you can try it for ONE Buck! For a whole week:


And get a bonus too!

* A Guide to Getting Targeted Traffic!
* Plus a tutorial for using Digi Traffic Accelerator too.


Just forward your receipt to
ElisabethHelp AT Gmail DOT Com

And put TRAFFIC BONUS in the subject line!

Amazing what you can get for a buck these days 😉

Just be quick about it – Andy might make good on his promise and really take this off the market!


Don’t dawdle, or the Digi Traffic Accelerator will be GONE.

And then you would have to build all your backlinks by hand – or rely on the sort of software that will get you in trouble with Google.

In case you wonder what makes Digi Traffic Accelerator special – it builds backlinks that are “natural” – the sort of mix that Google really likes.

Get more info here:

CLICK HERE For Digi Traffic Accelerator Info!

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New Traffic Dashboard Bonus

It’s Halloween Weekend, and I’m offering a New Traffic Dashboard Bonus!

The best part of it is good ONLY this Halloween Weekend, through Monday 7 PM EST, so if you’ve been on the fence about whether to get the Traffic Dashboard, NOW is a great time to get it.

Here’s a Traffic Dashboard Bonus Video for Your Viewing Enjoyment:

So what’s the new Traffic Dashboard Bonus?

You can click on the link above, or click below:

New Traffic Dashboard BONUS

When you go there, you’ll get very detailed information about what you’ll get and what to do to get it.

But here it is in the short version:

You’ll get the following:

  • A 25 minute “Get More Traffic” Strategy Session
  • An article on the topic of your choice, written and submitted to a prime article directory
  • Promotion of your article
  • A detailed guide on how to do article marketing successfully
  • A set of social media comparison charts plus my own personal comments on some of them with more details.
  • Membership in an exclusive site where you will get MORE surprise bonuses, plus some of my own personal tips on how to get the most out of Marlon’s Traffic Dashboard.

All this is included if you invest before the bonus turns into a pumpkin… 😉



Once you have gotten your Dashboard, please forward your receipt to me at:

ElisabethHelp AT Gmail DOT Com

Be sure to spell my name correctly!

Also, please be sure to include “Traffic Dashboard Bonus” in the Subject Line!

And I look forward to working with you and writing your article and promoting your product. Just make sure it’s something legit and on a family friendly subject!

Do you really need the Traffic Dashboard? ONly if you want a LOT more traffic to your website 😉

I have it and I LOVE it. Marlon Sanders’ Traffic Dashboard has made a huge difference in the traffic I’ve been getting. That’s why I’m offering the Bonus! I want to encourage Marlon to create even more products of this kind of caliber.

He already has a bunch of other dashboards, and I have the entire collection, but the Traffic Dashboard is the best one yet and my favorite.

Maybe because getting Traffic is probably the most crucial aspect of the whole marketing – if no one shows up, the world’s best sales letter isn’t going to make a difference, the fanciest graphics aren’t going to do squat.

Yet with enough traffic, and if the offer is good, you’re going to have success.

Okay, go take a look at the bonuses in detail if you like, or just get the dashboard and follow the instructions above.


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